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Exclusive membership to the Beaucoup Style Club offers clients more than just key information on what’s hot and what’s not, but also personalized shopping recommendations and early access to coveted events.


A year-long subscription to Beaucoup Style includes:

  • A monthly newsletter of trends and style tips,

  • Frequent shopping recommendations based on your personalized needs and style,

  • Early registration for our See n’ Shop World Tours, and

  • A comprehensive portfolio of informative style tips and suggestions.

$3.00 Monthly

$30.00 Annually

Join the club!

The Beaucoup Style Club

What Our Clients Think...

Fashion Models
I love being part of the Club! At least once a month, I get the scoop on the trends, how to apply them based on my style goals, and where to buy them. It's much more personal than reading a fashion magazine or window shopping in the mall.

-  Chelsea L.

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