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About Me

My love for fashion derived from watching my grandmother design clothes and admiring my mother’s exquisite style. Since a young age, I have fixated on fashion and found myself eager to set trends. While I gravitate toward the fashionable designs found at Alaia and Fendi, I love mixing high fashion with fast fashion to create an eclectic look that's entirely unique to me. Although I have a passion for fashion and design, I most appreciate accessories and all that they can do to enhance a look.


As a stylist, I live by the creed that accessories are essential to style! The right shoe, handbag, belt, jewelry, and sunglasses, can transform a basic outfit into an amazingly chic and unique look. As one who lusts for statement pieces, I seek out one-of-a-kind accessories with all the bells and whistles! When it comes to my personal style, I attempt to create looks that go beyond the trends and leave a lasting impression.

In 2006, I opened a swank accessories boutique, which I called Beaucoup Amor - “a lot of love.” To satiate my fetish for handbags and sinful lust for shoes, I made sure all the accessories in my store were “beaucoup” fabulous!


Today, Beaucoup Amor is a demonstration of love for all things fashionable. In my work, I seek to support others as they embrace their authentic style.

Immerse yourself in style...

By introducing you to the latest trends, presenting the style how-to's, and offering a variety of consulting services, Beaucoup Amor will impart an experience that not only caters to your fashion needs, but further ignites your excitement for it.

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